Biomass cogeneration

Cogeneration is an efficient principle in using fuels. Energy and usable warmth are produced for the district heating plant. This ensures that dispersal of unused residual heat in the vicinity is avoided. Vegetable oil is used as fuel, as it is a highly dense source of solar energy.
Compared to biofuels (wood, straw) and biogas, vegetable oil represents the most densely packed energy source of photosynthesis.

Biomasse Kraft-WÑrme-Kopplung


With an energy density of around 9.2 kWh per litre, it can be placed between petrol (8.6 kWh/l) and diesel (9.8 kWh/l). Vegetable oil can be used more than once, so it is CO2-neutral and doesn’t contain sulphur, heavy metals and radioactive substances. It is composed of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and a bit of oxygen (O) (C60 H120 O6).