Geocaching, also known as a GPS scavenger hunt, is a kind of electronic treasure hunt. The stashes (“geocaches”, or “caches” for short) are made public on the Internet by using geographical coordinates and can then be searched for with the help of a GPS receiver (or also with a smartphone). In order to play along, all you need is the free geocaching intro app, which you can download here:



Take part in the exciting treasure hunt and find four „places of energy“ in Campo Tures. At each of the “places of energy”, you will find one part of the secret code. With that code, you can open the treasure chest at the Campo Tures Tourist Office and receive a little energy gift!

Simply enter the GPS coordinates into your smartphone app and you are on your way! Have fun!


Find these „Places of Energy“:

Swim Centre Cascade: 46.910970, 11.962307

Reservoir Tobl: 46.918844, 11.993070

Sun place Ahornach: 46.927555, 11.964002

Canyon Mühlen: 46.898619, 11.932738