Megastorage: Ice – Water – Energy

The energy of water is the motto of this thematic trail that awaits hikers who are closely tied to nature in the Valle di Selva dei Molini.



The Lago di Neves lake in Selva dei Molini is a gigantic reservoir at the foot of the glacier and feeds a large hydroelectric plant which uses the power of the water for the production of electrical energy. Gaze in amazement at the dam wall which, at 94 meters (308 feet), is the tallest in South Tyrol. The circular route around the Lago di Neves is the final link, and a high alpine and especially charming one at that, in this widely varied chain of rocks and coves, sand, sun and shadow, swirls and silence, fog, ice, and snow. This is where you can experience the impressive interplay between ice, water, and energy.


Starting point: Lago di Neves in Lappago

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours